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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  May 17, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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pill mill bust. the operators of a prescription drug clinic head to court. >> would they be granted bail? >> hello, again. >> here's what people are talking at today. two operateors of a suspected pill mill raided head to court. wjz live -- is live. their bail review just wrapped up. >> reporter: good afternoon. the pros cue ter says even -- prosecutor says even though it doesn't involve drugs and weapons, it involves millions of dollars worth of drugs that could be deadly. >> two men accused of opting operate -- operating a massive pill mill were in court.
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they're both being held on a $50,000 cash bond. >> they were prescribing pills for nonmedical purposes. >> a federal indictment reveals four undercover agents were prescribed pills. they received 160 ox si koe done t highest number of the dose. the clinic saw 120 patients a day, charged $300 to $350 in cash, which as up to $9 million a year. >> i was worried that something bad was going to happen. we were relieved that nothing bad happened. there were a lot of people hanging around. >> health care professionals who worked near by suspected a sketchy shop. >> we don't want to say anything other than he is going
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to plead not guilty and we're going to fight with the state as we always do. >> reporter: now, again, the judge ordered a cash bond which means they have to put all the money up front. we expect that today and then the guys will walk free. the judge ordered they turn over their passports. >> thank you. a third person has been named as a suspect and an arrest is pending. the two city juveniles involved in the accidental death of a 13-year-old girl knows what's next for them. >> police say the two boys ageing 13 and 12 were playing with a rifle when it accidental went off. her body was found in an alley in early march. the 13-year-old admitted to pulling the trigger. the 12-year-old told police he helped move the body. the shooter will be sent indefinitely to a treatment facility while the 12-year-old
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will be sent to a relative's house under state super vision. her mother didn't feel punishment fit the crime. back to you. >> thank you. three adults with connections to that case are being involved. the eyes of the world will be on western maryland for the g-8 summit. mike hellgren is live with the final preparations under way this noon. >> reporter: thousands of protestors will descend and security will be tight. the massive g-8 summit will be crowds where eight of the world's most powerful leaders will meet in secret at camp david for high level discussions on everything from world hunger to unrest in the middle east. it's an event that the sheriff calls unprecedented. >> camp david will be the
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safest place on the planet. >> he had 8 short weeks to plan after the president shifted it from chicago. >> we ran the top 8 governments of the world out of chicago. the g-8 meeting is going to be out in the woods away from as many people as they can get. we're going to get in their face as close as possible. >> to get its message out one antihunger group began paints tweets on the route. >> these are the people who are really important to hear this message and to act. >> the secret service will shut down the mountain parks for the event. there's been violence in the past. the public will be not allowed anywhere near camp david. >> i think it was a good idea to move this meeting to a place where these people can actually get together and talk and not have to worry about going out
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immediately after the meeting and having to come up with some sort of a progress report or a sound bite and all of that. >> so far the federal government has not offered to reimburse the local government for security, something they did offer to chicago when they were hosted the event. >> thank you. stay with wjz for a complete coverage as world leaders come to maryland for the g-8 summit. today and tomorrow mary will be live near camp david while vic reports from the white house. testimony is over and attorneys are preacceptabilitying their final -- presenting their final arguments in the trial of john edwards. that case could go to the jury tomorrow. >> john edwards arrived at court for the final phase of his criminal trial. he's charged with violating campaign finance laws to cover up his affair. the prosecutor said by having the affair he planted the seeds
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of destruction. to preserve his political ambition the pros kau to -- prosecutor said he would deny, deceive, manipulate. >> there's enough evidence and it's been koober rated by independent evidence. >> after the prosecution, edwards defense will have two hours for closing arguments. his attorneys rested their case on wednesday without calling edwards to the stand or his mistress. >> at the heart of the case are secret payments from supporters. the money went to hide the candidates affair so it wouldn't derail his run for the white house. the defense said the money was a gift. >> like him or not, ladies and gentlemen, the reason he did what he did was to hide first the fact he had an affair and second that he was the father of this child. >> edwards' daughter kate has been in the courtroom but never testified. in the end the
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defense took less than three days to present its side. the jury is planning on deliberating on friday. >> he faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted. another record set at bwi airport during the first quarter of this year. nearly 5 million passes flew through. that's an increase of 2.6% compared to the same period last year. a new all time record for the first quarter of any year. southwest airlines, the leading carriers serving more than 3 million of those passengers. today feels like a million bucks, maybe more. it's been beautiful and still is. we have complete weather coverage for you with marty bass enjoying his time in the out back. >> it feels like a million dollars but after taxes $340,000. >> tim williams is having a ball in the weather center. >> it's a nice day right now.
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temperatures are very comfortable, light breeze out there but even that breeze has kind of calmed down. we started off that day cool and windy. now things have started to settle into this afternoon. 68 at bwi marshall. at the shore it's 66. 50 towards oakland. the temperatures , well, expect for the sun, it's not much of a difference. the sun and the wind have calmed down. let's say the wind has calmed down but the sun is just as bright as it was yesterday. the temperatures are right on target, almost a carbon copy of what it was just 24 hours ago. we do have some things we have to keep an eye on heading into what we expected to be a beautiful preakness weekend. we send it out to marty. >> good afternoon. give me about 30 seconds of your time. yesterday we started discussing that the frontal bounty that was going to and has moved through the area was going to go offshore and stall. let's take a look at the doppler.
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indeed it has slowed up. it hasn't officially stalled yet. when you have the front you can see that frontal boundary is off to the south and east and begin together lose its momentum. you see that moisture down to the south. we're still expecting it's going to follow that stalled front and move out to sea. right now we're starting to lean towards maybe a cloudier saturday afternoon and some showers maybe saturday into sunday. how is that going to effect the blue's fest and the cruise into ocean city? tim williams that continue that session. we'll throw it back inside. >> thank you. only 2 days until the 137th running of the preakness. hundreds gather for the preakness al by break fast. it gives owners, trainers and the media to come together before the big event.
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trainers give a comical al by in case their horse fails to win. >> well, they used to. >> yachl -- yeah. still to come, even with the g-8 summit here, greece is trying to stabilize it's country and politics back home. what that means for the rest of europe and the world. >> going public, how early ininvestors -- investors are taking advantage of the facebook hype. >> a complete forecast is still coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is sunny and 68 in central maryland right now. the complete forecast is still coming up. greece continues to stabilize its economy and political leadership. today a cabinet is being sworn out before a repeat election next month. among the new people in power, an extremist group. the golden dawn party vows to kick immigrants out of their country and think greeks are superior. an autopsy is scheduled to determine the cause of death of
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robert f kennedy junior. she was found dead in her home yesterday of an apparent suicide. the 52-year-old has battle d problems with drugs and alcohol in the past. he's the son of robert kennedy. facebook is going public. the social media site's initial public offering of stock is expected to begin trading tomorrow. it's one of the most highly anticipated i po's in quite a while. early investors are going to take advantage. a million more shares are being added today for tomorrow. >> that's a like. >> [ laughter.] still ahead, another calm, sunny beautiful day. how long will these pleasant conditions last? the full forecast is just 2 and 1/2 minutes away. >> first let's take a look at
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today's midday stocks followed by last night's power ball numbers. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. very comfortable afternoon. calm winds, sunshine. below our
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normal high for the day. we have several hours to go before we get there. we should get there with no problem. normal high is 74. we're at 68 now. 61 dew point. humidity at 78%. high pressure is dominating our forecast over the next several days. that pressure is going to keep on rising as a result. we have 50 in oakland, 70 in dc, 63 elkin and 68 on the shore. everyone right around that 70 degree mark, bel air, rock hall 70 and kent island also 70. calm readings as much as your winds. we've had a northeast flow. it's been bringing in that wind. we're seeing the front that brought us the rain continuing to push offshore. there is a bit of a low down in this. marty talked about this. it's going to be tracking up
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along the coastline. we expect that the front that we just talked about that's been pushing away from the area to keep that low pressure system at bay. you cannot rule out that it could pull on back in at least enough to bring some showers to the south and the east of the area heading into the weekend. for the most part we are expecting pleasant conditions. right now it looks like blue skyy -- skies and sunshine. over night lows going down to 50. for tomorrow back up into the 70s with a full day of sunshine. marty will have your faif day forecast in just a moment. still to come, the dangerous linked to a common antibiotic. >> wjz 13 is always on for you. for con
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researchers have discovered a potential risk with thez pack. people who took it have a 2%
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risk of researchers have discovered a potential risk with thez pack. people who took it have a 2% risk of death from cardio disease. be sure to check the check in with wjz today at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. we will bring you live coverage of the preparation for the g-8. an autopsy is under way for robert kennedy's wife, mary. please join us for these stories and all today's breaking news today at 4:00 after dr. phil. >> stay be -- with us, the five day forecast through preakness weeken,,,,,,,,,,
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marty is out back with the five day. >> let's take a look at this five day forecast. we're going to start to add some clouds in on the latter part of saturday. 77, beautiful tomorrow. 80 saturday night into sunday we may be throwing moisture in the forecast. sunday partly sunny, maybe over cast. watch for a chance of a passing shower later on monday, 80. the same tuesday with a high of 80. now back inside. >> thank you. don't miss tonight's prime time cbs line up. stay tuned for eyewitness news at 11:00. >> thank you for watching eyewitness news, wjz 13, maryland's news station. >> we will keep you posted on this forecast.
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for right now, it's beautiful. find yourself outside every chance you get to do. >> preakness saturday. >> sell celebrating a big -- sell bralting a big -- celebrating a big birthday at our house saturday. it's going to be a good weekend. >> have,, roar! alright, what do lions eat?
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that's all the horses sir. ...and the men? all the king's men are here too sir. it doesn't look good.
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